Saving on Energy with Stream Energy

Everyone can attest to the fact that energy bills can sometimes be frustrating. It is important that everyone learns how to manage their bills so that they do not come when high. According to Stream Energy, it is important for people to consider and identify the hidden costs of their household gadgets. Devices that are plugged in normally use energy whether they are being used or not. Although they do not show to be consuming up lot energy, they tend to add up quickly with time. Switching your coffee maker, for example, may save a person approximately a dollar each year for example. Switching off your DVR when it is not being used saves you about $36.80 in a year.

Stream energy says that switching off your entertainment system can save you about $130 every year. Always make sure that you switch off all the devices that you are currently not using and you may end up saving a lot of money that would have otherwise gone to your energy bills ( With the help of the monitoring tools, you will be able to keep your energy bills in check. Stream Energy offers Smart Meters will help you keep track of your bills. The company also sends you Weekly Energy Reports that will let you know how you are using your energy.

Stream Energy is a company that offers energy, protective, wireless and home services. Established in 2004, the company is an American natural gas and retail electricity firm. The headquarters of Stream Energy are located in Tollway Center which is in Dallas. The company uses multi-level marketing as its main sales channel. The company was founded by Pierre Koshajki and Rob Synder after they saw an opportunity in the electricity market of Texas. The Public Utilities Commission of Texas licensed Stream Energy as a retail electric provider in January 2005. Currently, Stream Energy sells energy in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Washington and New Jersey. The company is headed by Larry Mondry who holds the position of Chief Executive Officer as well as the President. The company works with a team of talented staff who has a lot of experience in the energy market (BusinessWire).

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