Jorge’s Firm Belief in the Use of Technology to Advance Medicine

Jorge Moll Neto is the president of D’Or Institute for Teaching and Research and recently gave his report on the role of technology in medicine. Jorge stated that technological advancements that progress medicine’s agendas are a vital facet of the present and future growth of Brazil. He outlined venture capitalism, individual developers, entrepreneurs, hospital networks and public institutions as the players who will enable a vast integration of technology into medicine. Jorge strongly urged professionals in the field to build formidable relationships that would add to the present devices and software, as is rampant in Silicon Valley and Northern California.


Jorge Moll singled out Dr. Albert Chan’s work as vice president of Sutter Health (Wikipedia). He recognized Dr. Albert’s role in encouraging the use of technology to transform medicine. Albert was recently on a business trip to Brazil and talked about how technology simplifies the lives of patients and medical practitioners. Google Glass is a widely used innovation that helps physicians retrieve patient information by voice commands. IBM allows medicinal professionals to tailor treatment plans for each candidate’s bodily properties.


Jorge Neto explained that introducing technology into more hospitals within Brazil would personalize interactions with patients and increase efficiency. The doctor would spend most of his time devising treatments for patients, whereas the current system requires one to spend a substantial amount of time scanning through patient records. Additionally, patients will access doctors and other hospital staff through online portals with a tablet, PC or mobile phone.


Jorge Moll is an in-depth scientific researcher whose works has received publications from Nature Review Neuroscience. He studies human behavior and emotion to help in the advancement of technology that will treat mental illnesses. One of his studies concluded that feelings are the consequences of processed emotions and reasoning ( Another study that he researched in collaboration with neurologist Ricardo de Oliveira, is a common referencing material for cases of altruism. Jorge’s extensive researches on neurology have led him and a considerable populace of the scientific world to believe that the variations in human behavior are dependent on their interaction with the environment. Jorge’s and Ricardo’s works earned publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences magazine.