Jeunesse Global Creates Impressive New Product Lineup

Jeunesse Global may be a name that you have not heard before. However, the company is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with across the globe. As one of the fastest-growing and most successful direct marketers of health and beauty supplies nationwide, Jeunesse Global has taken the world by storm, bringing some of the most innovative health and beauty products to market that the world has ever seen.

Founded by industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global was born out of a retired couple’s desire to avoid the idle boredom of their golden years. In fact, the couple found themselves on their third try at retirement. Ray and Lewis had been independently wealthy for decades as a result of having founded a number of highly successful business ventures. Their third attempt at retirement, they told themselves, would prove to be the charm. But the siren call of the business world proved irresistible. At first, Lewis began selling just a few health and beauty items out of the couple’s spacious Florida home. It wasn’t long before Ray jumped in as well, marking the official creation of Jeunesse Global, a company that would shoot to the heights of the global health and beauty sector in less time than either of the founders could possibly imagine.

That was in 2009. Today, Jeunesse Global is a billion-dollar company with tens of thousands of distributors across the globe. The company has developed an entire suite of its own patented products, with some of the most innovative skin care, multi-vitamin and wellness products that have ever hit the market.

One example is that company’s innovative antioxidant drink. Dubbed Reserve, the delicious beverage contains copious amounts of the main health-enhancing ingredient in red wine, resveratrol. Additionally, Reserve contains an ensemble of super-fruits that have been shown scientifically to increase heart and vascular health and lead to longer lifespans. Reserve is described by users as one of the best-tasting health drinks on the market, with all-natural flavors derived from the many fruit juices used in its creation.

This is just one example of the stunning lineup of products now on offer from Jeunesse.