Dr. Mark Holterman Announced as the Recipient of the American Diabetes Association’s Innovative Research Award

Over the last 60 years, 5,000 diabetes-related research initiatives have benefited from research programming and grant funding from the American Diabetes Association (ADA). ADA achieved this goal through its Core Research Program that targets diabetes researchers. ADA also introduced two Innovative Research Awards in 2017 to celebrate these researchers. These include the Innovative Clinical or Transitional Science Grant and the Innovative Basic Science Award (Doctors.HealthGrove).


Dr. Mark Holterman, a prolific pediatric surgeon and diabetes researcher, bagged ADA’s 2017 Innovative Research Award. ADA established the Innovative Basic Sciences Award with an objective of funding studies in diabetics etiology and their challenges. The fund, $115,000, is given to researchers yearly in three years. Consequently, the Innovative Clinical or Transitional Science Grant provides facility researchers $200,000 annually in three years. It targets explicitly researchers whose studies have been applied in clinical trials.


Dr. Holterman’s Involvement with the IPSAC-VN


IPSAC-VN is a healthcare organization that is on a mission to enable young Vietnamese citizens to access quality pediatric medicine. Dr. Holterman is among the medical practitioners who have openly expressed their support for this organization. IPSAC-VN has some initiatives aimed at providing medical supplies and personnel to Vietnamese youth.


The organization also rolled out its International Scholarship Program. This program awards local medical practitioners with scholarships to further their studies in U.S.-based medical schools. As a requirement for the scholarship, applicants must have obtained a formal letter from their current schools stating their commitment to improving healthcare in Vietnam.


About Dr. Mark Holterman


With over 20 years of experience in pediatrics and surgery, Dr. Holterman oversees the medical interests of Mariam Global Health as chief medical officer and chief executive officer. He also lectures on pediatrics and surgery at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. Through its Pediatrics Department, the higher learning institution is reputable for administering Clinical Excellence programs.


Dr. Mark Holterman is credited as one of the founders of the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies (AACT). Holterman is also an executive board member of AACT. The organization strives to publish researched and informative papers. These papers are also showcased during its conferences.

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