Discover How to Host the Perfect Event with Twenty-Three Layers

Planning to host a fun event should be just as exciting as the main event. You can effortlessly host a successful event. Start the preparations early and keep your cool. How do you become a better host and leave your guests with memorable experiences? Top on the list, have some order. Document your supplies lists and guest lists to get instant access to all the hard-to-remember details.


Find a simple theme that resonates with your event to set and direct the festive mood. A great formula is to find proven traditional settings and execute them with a contemporary twist. Invest in elegant invites. People are going to show up physically at your event. A creative card is likely to get more attention than an online invite. Create strategic locations for refreshments, so they are easily accessible.


Use the guest list to estimate refreshments needed in stock. For special occasions, have a special cocktail that stands out from the rest of the drinks on offer. Aim for an open setting where you can provide snacks and bites instead of a formal dinner. For quick service, go for ready-made options that are simple and provide variety.


Designate a corner for the young ones. It is also prudent to have extra hands on deck to make sure the little ones do not hog the attention and deviate away from your cause. Rest and relax. Your mood as the host sets the pace for the guests. Optionally, you can include tokens and giveaways to make your event more memorable.


For small personal occasions, you may opt to do it yourself. For targeted corporate events, professional event management firms do a brilliant job at a slice of the cost. One of the top-ranking event planning companies in NYC is Twenty Three Layers. The company boasts of extensive industry networks of key associates such as exclusive establishments, supplies vendors, and seasoned hospitality professionals.


The firm is a premier event planning company that offers the latest trends in ambiance, personal services, food, décor, and entertainment. Twenty Three Layers are the go-to corporate event planners in NYC for great venues, catering, photography, entertainment, and styling. They also offer floral design, lighting, branding, and production services.


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