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Jason Hope a jack of all trades; termed as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, futurist and an investor. Apart from being a jack of all trades the man has a heart of gold he loves giving back to the community and has a passion for technology.

Jason Hope was born in Arizona though he grew up in Temp. He has a degree from Arizona and an MBA, from Carry School of Business. He earned the name skilled futurist through his well-published article. Jason hope believes that his assets compel him to contribute to society’s welfare, and more information click here.

He has the heart for humanitarian organizations whose main objective and agenda is to improve humanity’s future. He also invests in young entrepreneurs that have potential and ideas but are tied down by lack of finances; he provides business grants to college seniors to help them put their dreams in motion, and http://cityscene.org/jason-hope-the-entrepreneur-from-arizona/.


Sense Research

This is an organization referred to as Strategies of Engineering Senescence Research Foundation. A non-profit organization whose activities include research programs and public relations work whose main application of regenerative medicine to the aging.

Jason hope donated $500,000 to the foundation he has always had an interest in the foundation’s effort to help the aging. Jason seems to believe advancement of the rejuvenation of biotechnologies is the future of shaping healthcare, pharmaceuticals and biotech industries.


Internet of Things.

Internet of things is becoming a favorite catchphrase; that’s a tech-savvy term to refer to any device that is network enabled allowing it a two-way communication.

The device can be anything from your home appliances the refrigerator or even a pacemaker. Jason seems to believe with the advancement of the internet of things the hospitality industry will benefit greatly.

He also suggests that with the persuasive nature of internet of things; consumers are becoming more used to them and soon the same consumers will make a demand that the amenities be made available also for when they are on the road.

Jason Hope sees the importance of internet of things not only to hospitality but also in the transportation field. He hopes that internet of things will not only impact a small area, but he is investing to ensure it influences all aspects of life, and Jason Hope’s lacrosse camp.

Many consumers have appliances that are internet connected; this device can provide data when connected to smartphones. Soon the appliances will be connected to a more extensive network.

This Chinese city plans to track all cars electronically #IoT https://t.co/jeDCHKWKAz

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) March 15, 2016

Jason Hope Predicts the Internet of Things will Positively Impact Society on a Global Level

Jason Hope has a reputation for being able to see into the future. At least when it comes to tech and where the world will be in the next few years.

Hope has been promoting the Internet of Things for quite a few years now and, the longer time goes on, the more he is being proven right.

The Internet of Things, of course, means nothing more than the inter-connectedness of devices.

Jason Hope believes, in the next few years, every home in the developed world and beyond will have every electrical appliance and device connected.

What that will mean is we will be able to manage our homes from no matter where we are. Whether it is at work turning on our oven to cook dinner, or in the house starting the car before we leave for the day and more information click here.

Jason Hope also sees how this is going to change the way companies do business, as more and more are releasing how the Internet of Things is going to give them even more opportunities to develop new products.

Companies that understand this are likely to invest enormous amounts of money in this type of development, as they realize that the way to be the most successful is to offer the utility the consumer wants and needs and learn more about Jason.

Hope also cites evidence that the Internet of Things has already made life safer for many. He uses the example of the current real-time ability to map particular bus routes, and to then re-route buses to safer streets during bad weather conditions.

He also sees this having a major effect on the quality of life for people living in rural areas, as things like emergency response will be faster due to the better GPS tracking of accidents.

Jason Hope is someone to watch in the tech commentary field today, as what he is predicting is going to have a major impact on hundreds of millions of lives. He believes the inter-connectedness of devices is going to positively impact society as a whole going forward and, so far, he does seem to be right and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

Hope’s success as an entrepreneur in the tech industry started him on the path of becoming a futurist. Nowadays, he looks for opportunities to invest in fields he believes will positively impact all of us.

These investments include large financial donations to organizations like the SENS Research Foundation, which is researching ways to prevent aging.