Bob Reina’s Tenure at Talk Fusion

The CEO and Founder of Florida-based video marketing firm, Talk Fusion has announced the publication of two new blogs on HuffPost even as it continues to rebrand. Bob Reina released the first article on April 24, 2017, a day before Huffing Post rebranded itself to HuffPost. The second article, How to thrive in a Society of Quitter, went live today in the morning.


Even after changing its name and spinning its mission, HuffPost continues its tradition of telling stories of people who remain out of the conversation. Its initiatives resonate with Bob Reina’s primary goal as a corporate executive and HuffPost contributor. Besides brand growth, Bob Reina has embarked on continuous innovation. As a philanthropist, his primary mission is to help people succeed irrespective of their backstory and area of residence. Reina became a HuffPost contributor in August 2016. His contributor platform focuses on issues related to digital technology trends, entrepreneurship, self-development, and lifestyle.


Following the re-launch of HuffPost’s brand, Bob Reina feels honored because his contributor platform took a step back to highlight matters of public concern such as fulfillment and culture. He aims to continue sharing more insightful content with Talk Fusion’s clients as well as HuffPost’s readers across the world.


Biography of Talk Fusion


It is home to the world’s first integrated digital marketing platform. It dedicates to helping businesses around the world to remain competitive, enhance their profitability, and encourage repeat purchases. Talk Fusion is known for providing video marketing solutions that make marketing more engaging and persuasive.


Bob Reina distributes his digital advertising techniques throughout the world through its independent associates in over 140 countries. Meanwhile, Talk Fusion’s free digital marketing solutions are available to allow for testing before subscribing to the service. Clients don’t need a credit card to subscribe to their services. Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007 with a strong commitment to supporting various charitable causes around the world. He boasts of around 25 years of experience as a corporate executive in the electronic marketing and direct sales industry. Bob Reina holds a unique perspective concerning the ever-evolving digital marketing industry. Learn more: