Betsy DeVos and the Changing Pace of Education in America

The year 2017 is something special for the Education Department of America as it got a Secretary of Education who is known for deep association with education efforts for decades. When I talk about Betsy DeVos, I remember her education activism that spanned over three decades. I would like to appreciate her dedication and integrity to promote what she fought for over the years from the first day she assumed the office. It is less than ten months from the day she assumed the office, but there is a widespread change is visible across the education sector, and people feel the confidence that they are going back to the golden days of education, where quality was the highest priority across schools and colleges.


She recently opined that the education system in the country is looking backward than forward. It is one of the major reason, many students are not found to be capable pursuing their dreams and career success. Betsy has devised a number of plans to improve the quality of education, and she opened her mind that consistency in quality education, irrespective of the financial background, race, and locality, is her top priority. I welcome her recent speech where she pointed out that four-year graduation degrees are not the only way to success in the career. Betsy asked people to have workplace learnings and apprenticeships to extend their expertise. This is actually true that some students are not good at academics, but their parents force them to pursue graduation. I have seen that such people are excellent in workplace learnings.


During her activist days, Betsy was the proponent of a number of education programs that are deemed to improve the overall quality of education. Some of them include school grading, school voucher, the charter school system, school of choice, and more. As far as I know, the programs produced excellent results wherever it implemented. These programs were providing increased autonomy to the school management but stamping them the responsibility of maintaining quality education and luring more students into the school. Interestingly, programs like school vouchers gave freedom for parents to choose schools according to the quality using government funds


Apart from a staunch activist, Betsy is also a highly familiar face in the philanthropic efforts of various organizations and groups. Dick DeVos, her husband, and she contributed almost $140 million to various groups as of 2015. Interestingly, DeVos family is known as one of the biggest contributors of America and consistently listed in the Forbes list. Betsy earned her graduation from Calvin College located in Michigan. She served on the boards of many charity groups and collaborated with several institutes. Betsy was also the Chairperson of The Windquest Group, a technology-focused investment management firm.


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