Amicus Therapeutics is a firm that has embraced technology and is ranked high due to its top-notch therapies in biopharmaceuticals. The company has equipped workers who can treat overwhelming infrequent as well as orphan diseases. The company has a robust expansion way of administering treatments for a couple of people’s genetic ailments.

Amicus Therapeutics’ top brand candidate is migalastat. It is an individualized medicine in its final stages in the making. The aim of this medication is treating the people ailing from Fabry disease. The drug will only be administered to people after their genetic diagnosis. The remedy is targeting Epidermolysis Bullosa which is a rare hereditary connective tissue ailment. The firm is on toes towards making sure that their biologics are leveraged, and also Chaperone-Advanced Replaced Therapy to come up with a novel ERT (Enzyme Replacement Therapy). These products are administered to ailments like Pompe, Fabry among other several Lysosomal Storage Disorders. The top biologics program of the company right now is ATB200/AT2221. The ERT has been engineered uniquely to be given to Pompe disease victims. The medication will be administered with another one called pharmacological chaperone.

Amicus Therapeutics has defined goals all the way through all phases of the organization. Their primary objective is ensuring there is a meaningful difference in all the people ailing such diseases as well as those who take care of them. Amicus Therapeutics firm is in Cranbury which is in New Jersey. This company had various funders during its growth including Enterprise Associates, Canaan Partners among others.

Amicus Therapeutics was granted US$500,000 by The Michael J. Fox Foundation. The grant was to aid in supporting studies in partnership with David Geffen School of Medicine which would take place at UCLA ( The company received another gift in the year 2010 which was worth US$210,300 by the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation to help in their prior clinical work. It was aimed to do in partnership with Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.AMU

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